Short hair wedding updos


Happy Bride

Vibrant blond curls

Neck length blond curls parted sideways with a flower tucked above the ear has a vibrant touch.


Fairy bride

Wavy brown locks parted sideways half covered with wedding scarf.

Dimanche Bride


Short curly hair

Curly blond bunched together in the shape of a bouquet at the back has volume and bounce.

Short Hair


Straight light tresses covered with mesh are bunched at the back with a flower

Bridal Hair Portrait

Red straights

Ear length short straight hair dipped in light red color let loose.


Smart hairstyle

Curly tresses with brown highlights bunched on top lend a smart classy look.

Wedding Hair

Bride & groom

Low fuss neat hairstyle pinned on side has the bride looking sweet and simple.

Bride & Groom

Short hair bridesmaid

Neat and unique hairstyle for the bridesmaid straight on front and curly at back.

Short Hair Bridesmaid

Wedding hairstyle

Wavy blond layers fluffed on top complement the face-cut perfectly.

Wedding Hairstyle


Dark brown straight hair parted sideways slightly covering the forehead bunched at back with a band.


Perfect color

Swirly curls hanging from the bun neatly pinned with matching clutchers on front.

Beautiful Bride

Gorgeous bride

Straight brown hair parted sideways and bunched back with a silver clutcher on front.

Gorgeous Bride

Sweet bride

Elegant updo with white green flowers on side.

Lovely Bride

Smooth and sleek

Neck length brown black bob haircut with slanting bangs on front.

Bridal Portrait

Fancy short hairstyle

Fancy gear covering the front with curly bun at back.

Short Hairstyles For A Wedding

Sporty bride

Jet black bob haircut parted sideways and let loose on one side.

Runaway Bride

Short hair formal

Bouquet carrying triplets with highlights in three different formal hairstyles.

Short Hair Formal

Vintage Bridal Redhead

Short straights with slight curls dipped in light red held with a flowery hair band with bangs on front.

Vintage Bridal Redhead


Neat hairstyle design with bun at the back and a slight parted bounce on front highlights the face.


Short locks

Curly blond locks parted sideways left loose with a highlighted top.

Short Locks

Silver clip

Brown hair with side swept bangs on front and curls at back pinned with a silver clip.

Blonde Hairstyle

Ravishing bride

Wavy blond hair parted slightly on front with thick curls let loose on both sides.

A Model Bride

Cute bridal hair

Brown straight hair parted sideways with a maroon flower as highlight.

Cute Bridal Hair

Cool bridal hairstyle

Bob cut hairstyle with no fuss.

Winter Bride

Very short hair

Bob cut with slight bang for very short hair.

Very Short Hair

Blue dress bride

Neatly combed flowing curls on front make for a charming bride.

Blue Dress Bride

Aderina the bride

Dark straight hair with heavily covered forehead bunched back in a bun.

Aderina The Bride


Light brown and black highlights with a bouncy top and bangs on front



Caramel straights having a slanting bang held with a crown and bounce behind bring charm and grace.

Very Beautiful

Bride dressing

Curly bun at the back with front hair parted sideways and a side clutch as highlight.

Bride Dressing

Decorative hairstyle

Blond hair with curls on one side and a bright star-shaped clutcher on it.

Wedding Hairstyle Short Hair

Short funky hairstyle

Bob cut with sharp ends narrowing down the ears has a funky feel to it.

Short Hairstyle Bride

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