Short hairstyles for thin fine hair


Hairstyles for Thin or Thinning Hair

by Paul Jones
Updated January 12, 2013

When you have thinner hair, it can be hard to find the right hairstyle
that will not only compliment your facial shape but also perhaps hide the
thinning spots of your hair as well. All too many times the latest and most
popular hairstyles tend to only accentuate your thinning hair instead of
making you feel more comfortable and fashionable. There are millions of
people who have thin or fine hair that may not go well with absolutely every
hairstyle, but there are many great hairstyles that can compliment your hair
and your style.

As men and women both experience thinning and fine hair, men have to be
just as careful with their hairstyles as women.

For men the absolute best
hairstyle and cut to go with is of course the short hairstyle. If you have
really fine and thinning hair then you will want to avoid the spiked up look.
However if your hair is only slightly fine then you can more than likely still
pull off the gelled spikes and enjoy this style as it is a classic that will
never go out of style.

If you hair is too fine for this look than there is
nothing wrong with leaving your hair short and not styled. Men can pull off
this look as sexy, rugged and even casual.

Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

As a woman, it is not as easy to find the best hairstyles to compliment
your thin or fine hair. Short hairstyles can be a choice for you and are known for taking the attention
away from your hair and back to the best features of your face. This makes the shorter lengths, about chin length or shorter your best fit
for the appropriate length. The side swept bangs from a crooked part are still very popular and they are perfect for thinning hair because they bring
attention to your face and add a bit of volume to your hair cut at the same time.

A simple trick to create the appearance of
thicker and fuller hair is to pin your hair behind your ears. It is the simplest technique to create the appearance of thick hair,
even if you don”t have it.


If you are attached to your long hair, there are several different styles
you can go with in order to hide your thinning or fine hair and make it
appear as though you have a thick head of hair. Any style that allows you to
pull your hair up into a fancy up-do or even just a pony tail can help you
minimize the look of thinning hair. Braids are another option you have at
your disposal as they create a great look for going out at night and going
to work during the day. Each of these ideas provides a variety of different
options within one another so you are never coming up blank with hairstyle

For those of you out there with thinning hair it is important to stay out
of the sun for longer periods of time because this can greatly damage your
hair and even make it thin that much more. Also using curling irons or flat
irons on a regular basis is also something you should try to avoid. These
are both damaging treatments for your hair, if you can avoid using products
and styling tools to create your hairstyle you should.

You are not alone, there are millions of people who have the same
thinning hair problem and are looking for great hairstyles to disguise it.
By following these great tips and steps you are on the road to a new look
and a new you! There is nothing better than loving your new hairstyle and
hiding your thin areas.

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