Short hairstyles men


Men’s hairstyle 2013 short will always become favorite especially for this year more modern and trendy are most important thing to consider. It will release soon and it will different with men’s hairstyles 2012 short. Most western actors styling their hair to get new style and become the trendsetter of hair model in 2013. In Asian Country, men like cut their hair become short and stylish.

There is several fresh 2013 men haircuts design such as slick comb over, short crop, quirky quiff, Mohawk or faux hawk, medium and messy, long and parted, and the last chic shaved model. Those hairstyles model will be the trendsetter in 2013 year. Slick comb over hairstyle is hair cut where the long hair until above the ears. It can be harrowed aside or back. This style can be made tuft in front. Then quirky quiff is hair cut model with short cut model but some part of the hair is let long to make tuft and some is shaved.

Next cool men 2013 short hairstyles are short messy haircut, pixie and faux hawk. Usually, man will comb their hair aside to left or right with different comparison. The last is chic shaved hairstyle cut and men shave their hair until the hair through. Sometimes, they leave their hair in the middle from front to back.

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