Short layered curly hairstyles


Experimenting with a lot of different hairstyles and haircuts is one of the best way discover your style personality in your teen years. If you are a little bit reluctant to give up hair length when wanting to make a change choosing a layered hairstyle is perhaps one of the best option. Check out a few layered hairstyles for each hair length to see a few styling ideas you can use.

Classic, simple haircuts might look good on almost everyone but at one point or another, boredom sets in especially if the styling options available are not very numerous. Because in most instances the perspective of giving up hair length for a fresh new hairstyle does not seem very exciting hair layering is often preferred as it offers a noticeable change increasing the number of hair styling options available greatly while not involving any sacrifices as far as hair length is concern.

Although it might seem that medium and long hairstyles are the ones that offer the greatest number of choices and styles, even the shortest tresses can be updated with the help of a well chosen layering style. If you decide to opt for asymmetrical hairstyles, particularly ones that combine short hair section with longer ones you will immediately see the enormous potential that exists in terms of layering. In the case of short hair, layers not only tend to provide more structure but also to add a little bit of extra volume which can be especially useful if you have fine hair or if you have problems getting the necessary oomph.

Depending on your facial features as well as the degree of change you feel comfortable making you might decide to opt for different layering styles. If you want to make sure that the style change gets
noticed right away you might want to choose chunky, dramatic layers to emphasize your haircut while if you want a more gradual type of change fine layers are probably a much better option. More or less noticeable this type of change will not require a high level of maintenance allowing you to spend as much or as little time as you want styling your hair.

Medium hairstyles offer a lot of versatility when it comes to layering especially if you know how to play with angles creatively.
From bob hairstyles to medium shag hairstyles layering can literally transform your current hairstyle and take it to the next level.
It should be mentioned that not all layered hairstyles are low maintenance. Just like in the case of short hairstyles if you are looking for an edgy hairstyle that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, chances are you will have to spend a reasonable amount of time to style your hair properly each and every single day. Make sure that you are OK with all the aspects that your new hairstyle entitles on a regular basis.

If you are more a wash and wear hairstyle kind of girl make sure that the hairstyle you choose gives you the change you are looking for but that is still easy enough to style in a matter of minutes to be able to get the necessary results as otherwise you might get fed up with your new hairstyle relatively fast.

Long layers are the most generous when it comes to the variety of possible layering styles. Unlike shorter versions the level of maintenance does not necessarily have to be depend on the layering style. Although there is still a factor of influence the truth is that you can find various ways in which you can style your hair even if you are more drawn to low maintenance hairstyles.

Aside from being a reflection of your personality, a layered hairstyle should also match your lifestyle and suit your styling habits because otherwise after the initial excitement wears off dissatisfaction will set in. However it is best to try to vary your style on a regular basis to be able to tell more rapidly what type of style changes most appeal to you.


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