Short layered haircuts


Short layered haircuts suit any age and as long as they”re cut well, any hair type can wear them – even wavy or curly hair types! Many women go to the same hair stylist for years, setting for a haircut that”s less than stellar, mainly out of habit. If you feel it”s time for a change, get the latest trends and ideas in the world of short layered haircuts and set for the style that will flatter you the most!

The first thing you should consider when searching for a short
layered haircut is how short you should go. This depends on two
things: face shape and hair texture.
Oval face shapes are especially great for short haircuts because they”re
proportional and balanced.
Choices include super-short pixie haircuts – especially if your
face is petite – but also layered bobs, chops, flips and bangs.

Women who have slightly square jaw and those with a slightly round,
yet petite face can also go short. Just think of how short, strong
haircuts look on women with striking, angular cheekbones. If you
have a dramatic sense of style, you can be slightly outside the
oval realm and still look great sporting a short layered

Short Layered Pixie Haircut
Layered Pixie Hairstyle

The short layered
pixie haircut makes the face the main focus. Cut to silhouette
the head, layers are tapered near the temples. To style the layered
pixie for a shiny finish, treat your hair with a lightweight
conditioner several times a week. Once your strands are styled,
mist moderately with shine spray.

Layers can easily spice up a simple short haircut. Getting layers
help to give the hair volume and a different “look” to the
hairstyle, as it makes the hair multi-dimensional. The hair will
have more movement and there are more styles you can play around
with for everyday wear and also when you want to glam it up for
You can style layers as bangs by bringing them forward and sweeping
them off to one side. Or, for a different look, push them back
behind the ears.

Short Layered Bob Hair Style
Back View of Short Layered Bob Hairstyle

If you want incredible texture and an easy to style haircut that
just falls into place, get your short bob tapered at the ends, then
get it sliced through and through with a razor. Get surface layers
cut shorter than underlayers, which will add to the choppy feeling
even more. To bring out layers, style by brushing hair forward from
behind the crown and work through a styling paste to show off every

Short Razor Cut Hairstyle
Very Short Layered Bob

For medium-textured hair types that are easy to handle, get lots of
layers on top and razor-cut sides to remove bulk. Style the crown
with a round brush and blower to enhance the shag-effect.


Plenty of piecy layers are perfect for enhancing hair volume. Even
though layers are short, you can easily play up strands blowing
hair out with a round brush. For body that lasts, set the crown
area on hot rollers, then remove once hair has cooled.

Short Layered Shag Hairstyle
Short Layered Haircut

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