Short length haircuts

Short haircuts 2013 are vast in choices but the bob haircuts always have their own way to provide unique look. Often, bob is considered the most casual yet elegant short haircut since it doesn’t look too masculine. In fact, it is so feminine in certain styles. Victoria Beckham has proved it where she successfully looks fabulous and classic almost every time. Be it a graduated bob, side-line bob, or chin-length bob, it can be a great option to choose for round to oval facial shape. For different effect especially in certain occasions, consider curling the hair. You can curl it from the top of the hair or just curl the end of the hair. Feel free to choose the desired one.

Chop Haircuts

If you’re not really into short bob haircut, you can try the chop haircut which just gains so many attentions worldwide. Popularized by a supermodel named Karlie Kloss, this “cut of the moment” simply brings modesty, elegance and simplicity. It’s just above the shoulder, combined with layers and bangs on the top. It’s making her like mannequin and you’ll certainly be like her as well when you cut your hair into this style.

No matter which short haircuts 2013 you finally choose, make sure it is in. It has to be right in the proportion, detail and set off your face nicely.

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