Short modern haircuts


There was a time when long tresses were considered to be fabulous and totally ravishing. Now, it is the time of the short and zippy hair to be sported by everyone – from celebrities to the girl or guy next door, everyone is having short hairstyles. Of course, this is not to say that sporting long hair is uncool or not trendy. Long tresses are equally alluring. Nevertheless, if you are pondering over short hairstyles and want a new look, well, try some of these!

Short Modern Hairstyles for Women

As the name suggests, this style looks as if the hair has been chopped without any proper hairstyle in mind. But that exactly is the purpose. This is a purposefully done messy look and involves only a razor cut layered style, needing no extra maintenance. It is soft and is sort of disheveled. Although this seems casual, it can be a real glamorous style if done and carried properly.

Layered Shortcut with Bangs
Well, if you are not exactly in favor of losing on your long tresses and do not want to chop off the length a lot, this is for you. This is a layered shortcut, but with bangs, so that makes your hair look less shorter.

Bob Cut
Quite a veteran amongst haircuts, bob cut still remains one of the most sought after modern hairstyles for girls. Moreover, it is hard to say if it is ever going to go out of fashion. What still makes this hairstyle one of the most trendy ones is the space it gives for variations. From layered to asymmetrical to angled bobs, you name it and it is there. When you have long hair, try for an asymmetrical look, coupled with side swept bangs in the front and super short in the back.

Any discussion about short hairstyles will not be replete without the discussion of this hairstyle. But hey, wait up! This trendy and jazzy hairstyle is not for the faint hearted girls! It is a really short hairstyle and your facial features are accentuated like anything with this style. So, you need to know if you can carry it off, as it is only for the bold women. The care and maintenance is minimum and you can settle for any length comfortable for you.

Short Modern Hairstyles for Men

Caeser Cut
Ah, remember George Clooney in Ocean”s 11 and the sequels? Well, Caeser cut is exactly that one. The cut is, to start off a short one. In this style, the hair is layered 1 or 2 inches all around the head. After the cut, the hair is brushed forward to cover the forehead using thick or thin bangs, to add the zing to the hairstyle.

Square Black
Used only at the back of the head, it can be teamed up with a few other hairstyles. A straight line across the back of the neck is used in this style, where the cut is basically a boxy shape. The hair is not tapered at all. In fact, it is left long for highlighting the shape of the cut. It works well in tandem with crew cut, college or even flat top.

Taper refers to a hairstyle done by carefully cutting the hair using either clippers or scissors, for creating a smooth transition between different hair lengths. It can be done in 2 ways – a dramatic crisp transition or a more flowing and softer look. This is another style which can be combined with a few others.


Professional/ Business Like
Minimum hassle, maintenance and looks neat. That is how professional cut can be defined. It is a traditional and classic haircut and rest assured that it will never go out of fashion! In this cut, the hair is chopped long enough to be brushed to the sides or parted to the sides and the hair tends to taper to a shorter length as it goes back. It suits almost all the men in almost all the professions, which makes it even more viable.

Emo Hairstyles, fringes, crew cut, shaggy, are some more hairstyles apart from these, which are pretty popular. Ultimately, it all depends on how you can carry them off and is it compatible with the shape of your face.

So, which one are you going to choose, the perky pixie or the bold bob? Whatever you choose, look good, feel great!

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