Short scene haircuts


Scene hairstyles among girls was making a huge impression lately. Just because… girls can play their imaginations in cool styles and colors that indefinitely! There are many short scene hairstyles for girls. If you are one of them, a girl who looking for scene hairstyles, you can go with a pixie short scene cut (note: if you have very short hair).

Going with asymmetrical scene hairstyles for girls is also aA  good idea. Get your hair cut into a graduated bob, and then accompany it with hair bangs. The hair bangs can be blunt thick straight bangs, or can be side sweeping bangs. Make sure the bangs are long enough to cover one or both the eyes, for that goth look. Then get the hair cut very choppy. Once you are done with this, it is time to color the hair to add more scene to the look.

Pixie Cut

One great choice for emo hairstyles for girls with short hair is a pixie hairstyle with bangs, preferably long side bangs. With short hair at the back and long bangs colored pink or red, in the front, the effect created definitely makes a statement. For a more dramatic look, you can use gel to spike up the hair at the back. The idea is to be as creative as you want.

Bob Cut

Another choice for short emo hairstyles for women can be created with a bob cut. Straighten the hair and add some choppy layers with highlights in the short bob. Make sure it’s slightly shorter at the back compared to the front. While styling, make sure the layers with highlights stick out to create a more dramatic effect.

Asymmetrical Style


Asymmetrical scene haircuts are the best ones to opt for. You can choose any one of the haircuts like shaggy, choppy, razor and add an asymmetrical touch to the same. Of course asymmetrical fringes need no mention to add a perfect finishing touch to the haircut. Keep left or right side noticeably longer than the other one and add side swept asymmetrical fringes as well. You can add a pixie touch to short hair while cutting hair into a funky scene style.

Use colors that would highlight your choppy tresses and opt for a styling method that will add a messy look to your hair. If you’re more of a classy and refined do fan, joggle with the tousled and super-sleek strands in order to create a versatile Scene do.A  Styling scene hair means a lot of work, but as you have opted for a short scene haircut, the hard work is a little less. You will need to maintain a lot of volume, which you can do by hair styling techniques or by using some hair styling products. Also, you need to maintain your hair straight, so use a hot oil massage or a hair straightening treatment weekly. Keep your hair conditioned to protect it from the use of styling products. You can use hair wax, mousse or hair spray for styling the hair. Also, you can use back combing and teasing hair technique for the puffed up hair look.

For another ideas, Leta€™s take a look at some example pictures of short scene hairstyles for girls below!

These were some ideas on short scene hairstyles for girls. Make sure you choose one for your hair texture and get ready for being the center of the attention!

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