Short spikey hairstyles for men

Spiky hairstyles have been popular for a long time and this year too spiky hairstyle is on the top of its popularity. Short hairstyle is no longer the one for men; millions of women wear short haircut and look simply fantastic.


short spiky hair for men

shot spiky hairstyle 2013

spiky hairstyle for women

There are zillion styles of short haircut that include both elegant and funky styles for any age and taste and you will have no difficulties when choosing new haircut for you. When talking about spiky hairstyle I must say that it can be created on any short layered hairstyle. Both boys and girls can wear short pixie haircut with longer bang and style it spiky. The greatest thing about such style is that you can easily create elegant sleek style and next moment transform it to bolder spiky style that will complete your relaxed image. If you liked the idea of having effortlessly chic and trendy look, check out the following examples of 2013 short spiky hairstyles and get ready for total makeover.

Short spiky hairstyle can be created on any hair texture but if you have thin hair you should be ready to spend much time to create perfect spikes. Those who have thick hair will be able to create spiky style in less than five minutes.

The most important thing about spiky hairstyle is high class styling gel that will provide you with long lasting hairstyle. In order to create spikes apply tiny amount of styling gel and style hair with your fingers. You can use styling gel with wet effect that will give your hairstyle edgy twist.

bold spiky hairstyle

trendy spiky-hairstyle 2013

Spiky Hairstyles for Men 2013

New Spiky Haircut for Men

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