Short summer haircuts

Summer Haircuts 2013 Updos

Having the medium or the long hair cuts is certainly one of the most popular choices for the haircuts 2013 because it offers versatility, easiness, and also flexibility. There are several popular updo that you can try if you want to refresh your look.

  • The ponytail. It is certainly one of the most popular and also the classic style that most people can choose. You can choose the sleek style – like the one done by Sandra Bullock – or the rather messy and wavy style – like the one worn by Megan Fox. It is a flexible style suitable for formal as well as casual events.
  • The buns. If you have long hair, having the bun style is certainly easy to do. Simply twirl your hair around and you can get simple updo. Of course, if you want to make it super neat for important occasion, you can also add hair accessories like pins or other stuffs.

The Loose Styles

Summer Haircuts 2013 Trends

Of course, you can also let your hair loose and look natural. If you want to have light feel and texture, be sure to cut your straight hair in layered or textured style so it will make your hair look attractive as well as make your hair less heavy. If you have natural wavy texture, consider yourself lucky, because wavy hair is the best one for summer. It makes you look carefree, flirty, and also adorable.

Whatever styles you choose, be sure that you have chosen for the right cuts that will compliment your facial features. Consult things with the hairstylist to get the best result.

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