Short textured hairstyles


The development of styling techniques has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating interesting short hairstyles. Textured short hairstyles have taken the place of simple low maintenance hairstyles and now the sexiness of short hairstyles is truly beginning to be recognized. If you are unsure how to bring out the best from your short hairstyle drawing inspiration from the following hairstyles can surely turn out to be beneficial.

Although short tresses have always been considered sassy and stylish, many women were reluctant to try out short hairstyles out of the fear that they might have to limit themselves to a restricted area of possibilities. However, in bringing out the best in a short hairstyle creativity is the most important requirement because the styling possibilities are so diverse that it”s almost impossible not to find something that you”ll be satisfied with. The level of maintenance in a hairstyle has become more a problem of choice than a problem of lack of possibilities.

Without any doubt, the best way to emphasize a short hairstyle is to emphasize it”s structure trough different styling techniques. In creating texture for a short hairstyle the style of the haircut is the one that has the biggest influence over the styling options that can be used. One of the first requirements that a short hairstyle should meet is versatility. Depending on the hair type, versatility might refer to different aspects, however, it is generally believed that a layered hairstyle offers the most opportunities when it comes to styling. On the other hand, the impression of a layered hairstyle can be easily created with the help of high quality styling products.

Depending on the occasion different textured might be chosen. For many informal occasions messy short hairstyles are preferred due to the relaxed tone they tend to provide but also due to their incredible modern allure. To create a short messy hairstyle you will have to pay attention to the blow drying technique used and to make sure that you use the right styling products. You should start styling your hair when your tresses are about 80% dried.

Apply a little texturizing spray on your tresses, to make the whole process easier and use a wide toothed comb to ensure that it is evenly distributed. Apply a little volumizer at the crown of the head and then, create the desired look using your fingers and apply gel for a stronger hold. As you dry the hair lift certain hair strands for extra volume and apply pomade to highlight individual strands. To finish the look apply hair spray and a dab of shine serum for a classier look.

These techniques can be adapted to create a variety of different styles. For more elegant, formal hairstyles, you will only need a to emphasize certain parts of the hair such the hair ends, to create a more subtle look that will create more sophistication impression. On the other hand, if you want a more daring look you might have to to turn to different techniques such as using a flat iron and a hair gel with a strong hold formula.

By changing certain aspects of your styling routine you can create a variety of hairstyles that will keep you looking polished on a daily basis. As you become skilled at juggling with different textures you become more and more aware of the boundless options that can be tried out for multiple occasions. As long as you devote attention to styling your short tresses and constantly search for new ways to improve your hairstyle you will have no problem finding sexy, chic hairstyles that will highlight your features and your personality.

If you have sleek, straight hair you can also emphasize your haircut with a a completely different texture. Waves and curls can instantly romanticize a short hairstyle, making it stand out. Soft curls are seen as more appropriate due to the fact that they provide a classical touch of elegance without having an excessively strong impact on the facial features of a person. Curls can also have a softening effect on the facial features, a thing that might be especially useful for those who have hash facial angles.


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