Silver 90210 short hair

90210 Jessica Stroup-Silver

I LOVE Jessica Stroup or Silver from 90210. Her look is so natural and gorgeous. I think her hair really frames her face. She has such great bone structure and these great big eyes. This make-up look makes her eyes stand out as being even bluer whilst looking like not a  lot of make up, as she has minimal product on the rest of her face.

To get Jessica’s Look:

The key to Jessica’s look is 3 elements, the hair, eyebrows and eye make-up. The rest of the face can be natural however as long as these elements are done correctly you can look as great as Jessica Stroup.

1: The hair- Invest in a good hair cut, go to the hairdressers and ask them to choose a hair cut for you that suits your face and will bring out your features, because Jessica has such a symmetrical face and pretty features, this short bob looks fantastic on her, you don’t have to copy the hairstyle, choose one that will look great on you.

2: The eyebrows- I am a firm believer that good eyebrows frame the face. Everything seems to look better if your eyebrows are a great shape and are perfectly filled in. Jessica has done a great job at filling in her eyebrows, being a celebrity she probably gets her eyebrows threaded routinely and has them tinted and fills them in with a pencil or powder.

3: The Eyes- Now the eyes are simple but instantly define and look fabulous with little effort.

  1. Sweep a coppery bronze colour with a small amount of shimmer up to just above the crease making sure you blend out the lines.
  2. Line the water line top and bottom with a black eyeliner that won’t budge. For this you could use Mac kohl in smoulder.
  3. Use the same black pencil and sweep a thick line from the outer corner of your eye to about half way in, making sure the line gets thinner till it is thin enough to look natural. Now blend the line slightly so it doesn’t look as sharp, just concentrate on the edge and blend a very small amount.
  4. Mascara both the top and bottom lashes with a mascara that concentrates on length and separation rather than volume to look natural.
  5. Conceal under the eyes with a light concealer such as Clinique Airbrush Concealer to brighten the eye area.

To finish, use a tinted moisturizer for the skin if you have good skin, or a foundation with a healthy glow, such as Bourjouis Healthy Glow Serum and then dust a light layer of bronzer with a large powder brush over the entire face instead of powder. Make sure this is a very light layer as you don’t want to look orange just sun-kissed!

On the lips just use a lip balm to create kissable lips without any effort!

You now look like Jessica Stroup, it’s a shame we don’t all have the designer wardrobes to match!!

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