Simple nail art step by step


What you will need to create this:

A base, a top coat, different bright color nail polishes, black and white acrylic paints, nail art brushes or a thin brush.

nail art brushesAcrylic paints with a top coat become long lasting and water proof.

So, let’s start:

1. Apply a base coat followed by 2 coats of each polish on your nails, leave it to dry completely.

nail art color2. Apply a layer of quick dry topcoat that helps in removing acrylic paint without disturbing the nail color.

3. Take white acrylic color and mix some water in it, and draw spikes (marked as step 2 in below picture. Fill the spikes as shown in step 3.

4. Finally use a thin brush to outline with a black color (marked as step 4).

Apply a layer for nail art5. Do this on all your nails; be as creative as you can. Here’s how it will look like:

creative nail art6. Write some words inside the explosions like BOOM!, WAH, BANG, Ka-Pow, CRASH!


boom nail art7. Randomly place small white acrylic dots in the remaining area.

boom nail art1

Do the clean up using water or nail polish remover and apply a layer of top coat. And Voila you have a funky and attractive nail art for your short nails!

nail polishHere is how it looks! Hope you will surely try this nail art designs easy.

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