Summer haircuts


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Any outfit, elegant, feminine, places special demands on the hair. The basis of trendy hairstyles for short hair 2013 are three traditional forms – “ bob ”,” bob ”and” page“- not only elegant, but also delicious.


For a long time fashionable, stylish haircuts for short hair to help create the perfect image. These haircuts women value for the speed and ease of installation, easy maintenance, practicality and, of course, beauty. Especially popular hairstyles for short hair for women who are mobile and active.


Trendy in the early 20-ies of the last century haircut “page” is created on straight hair with curled inside tips. Outwardly, this haircut like a cap. “ The page ”can be played in different ways. Open or cover your ears, make more bangs short or long – every type of person will be attractive look with a haircut.




Never goes out of style is another kind of hairstyle for short hair – “ square . “Technique square has significant differences from the “page’s” haircut but looks completely different. Hair thus can be straight or wavy, curved outwards or inwards tips.


Popular with women and haircut “bean” – emphasized feminine and seductive, this hairstyle allows for a wide flight of fancy. Depending on the oval of the face and hair structure it can be done in different ways.


Young people prefer to give their haircuts and hairstyles some degree of negligence, which is achieved due to the “ragged tips” and asymmetry. Some asymmetric haircuts require a high level of skill performance and are true masterpieces of design ideas.

Trendy short haircuts involve a thick, almost reaching from the top of bangs straight or ragged edges.

Ultra short haircut with shaved temples and long bangs trimmed obliquely, now at the height of fashion. Quite popular with a short haircut without bangs, hair, it should be fixed with the help of special tools.

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