Sunlight nail supply


This brand new shop has a mix of popular and obscure brands of polish. They have China Glaze and OPI, from what I remember. They were busy stocking the OPI racks, so I didn’t get a good look at the selection, but there were two racks dedicated to them. Also, there was a rack on the counter of the Designer Series polishes. I didn’t ask how much the DS polishes cost, but I do know the regular ones cost five bucks. Better than the regular retail price of eight bucks, but available elsewhere for slightly cheaper. As for the other brands, there are a few I recall from my youth, before my polish “snobbery” began, namely CM and Sation. Sation has since updated their bottles and the colors were fun and on trend. I couldn’t resist and grabbed one of their glitters, which was $3.50. They also have a huge selection of an obscure brand called Verity on the side wall. Despite my preference for name brands, admittedly, that wall is like polish porn to me. There’s every color you could imagine and it’s so well organized. Again, I couldn’t resist and grabbed a couple bottles. At $1.75, you can’t go wrong there. I also spotted Cherimoya’s line of matte polishes and picked one out for my sister. If you haven’t heard of them, but like matte polish, you might wanna check them out. They are only two bucks a pop. Overall, a US Nail Supply, they are not. However, if you come in here with an open mind and check your polish snobbery at the door, you may find a few treasures. And remember ladies, a good top coat should extend the wear of any polish, cheapie or high end! I’m actually happy with my non name brand purchases. The color, shine, and application of the Verity shade I just put on is great. Will be back soon!

Cash only btw, unless you plan on spending at least twenty bucks!

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