Toe nail art designs

Toe nail art designs-295

Adding a simple Toe Nail Art design to your toes will make them look so special!!

You”ll feel great too, Im sure!!

What you need for simple toe nail art is…

  • Base Coat
  • Nail Polish
  • Top Coat
  • An Orangewood Stick

Things to prepare for applying Toe Nail Polish
Simple Toe Nail Art 1

  1. Apply a base coat, nail polish and top coat on all toenails.
  2. While the toenails are still wet, touch the top coat brush lightly with a corner of an orangewood stick.
  3. Orangewood Stick

  4. With the same corner of the orangewood stick, pick a gem stone.
  5. Place it onto the top corner of the toe nail.
  6. Place gemstone on Toe Nail

  7. Repeat Step 2 to 4 on the rest of the toe nails.
  8. Apply top coat.
  9. Simple Toe Nail Art

Simple Toe Nail Art 2
If your back is still in good shape, lets try this design too!!

  1. Add 5 pearl stones around the gem stone applied in Simple Toenail Art 1 (only on the big toe).
  2. Add Pearl Stones

  3. Apply top coat.
  4. Toenail Art with Pearl Stones

Well Done!!

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