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When my friend dyed from blonde to brunette burning, I realized that my appearance needs change. Still, I want to surprise others and draw the attention of men. And for this it is necessary to look properly. Until that fateful day two years I went with a golden caramel color hair. In principle, this image of me completely satisfied. But, apparently, moving to another city, change of environment helped to make the right decision. And after a couple of hours I became a girl with hair the color of “dark chocolate.” At least, that was the name of this color on the packaging inks. And that’s what I did.To say that I was nervous – to say nothing. Although a friend who helped me in this business, I carefully soothed, “It’s just hair! Grow back! “. But I just sighed with relief when she saw herself in the mirror. I enjoyed myself! What more could you ask for? Now confident gait can go out and conquer the others! The more so because I have chosen the color is fully consistent with recent trends. Stylists have long insisted on the natural shades. So my choice – soft natural colors that can personalize each girl. It is on this and insist fashion designers presenting their models on the catwalk in these stylish image.

Gaining popularity by the way light colors. So if you want to retrain in a blonde boldly go meet your desires! For example, if your natural color – light brown, you can easily reach the light natural color. The main thing is to make it look as natural. Note the golden hues, the color of ripe wheat and flax. As for the seductive image of a la Marilyn Monroe, surprisingly, in the new season, he is not popular. Stylists completely withdrew from the platinum, ash shades.

Do not despair and brunettes! Despite the fact that in the favor fashion season – feminine and charming blonde, chocolate hair color will be one of the most luxurious and delicious. So if you want to give your hair a dark noble chic, be sure to use shades of chocolate. But the color of eggplant, or blue-black hair is to give.

There are interesting offers for redheads beauties. They can experiment with absolutely any variations. Above all, maintain natural color of hair and most move away from red or yellow.

Do not be afraid of me! As my friend said to me, it’s just hair, it grows back. And if you use natural colors, go back to your natural hair color is not difficult!

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