Unique nail designs

Nail Designing is growing art. Women specially teenage girls like to have creative design on their nails. Its every human being nature that they want to look beautiful and different in their gathering. Now a days ready made nail also called acrylic nails are also available in market. that you can fit in your nails in a small matter of time and have a dazzling nail. Most of the females are fond of keeping long nails and their are bunch of creative nail designs that they can pick. but their is also not shortage of designs in short nails. every kind of nail polishes are available that can give eye catching and shiny look to your nails.

Below are Some Nail Art Design ideas that beginner nail artists should try at their home first so that they become expert and then can do this professionally

All pictures below are collected from tumblr and many other sites. if anyone owns copyright comment below

#1 — 3D Nail Art Designs 2013 By Sweatyhomy:

#2 — Adorable Nail Art Designs:

#3 — Amazing Nail Design:

#4 — Amazing Purple:

#5 — Beautiful Finger Tips By Sweatyhomy:

#6 — Beautiful Nail Designs Art:

#7 — Beautiful Nail Designs Scene:

#8 — Beautiful Nail Designs:

#9 — Black And White Snow Crystal Eye Catching Design:

#10 — Blue Florance By Sweethomy: 

#11 — Cocacola Nail Design Art:

#12 — Creative Mustaches: 

#13 — Creative Nail Art Design:

#14 — Creative Nail Art Designs:

#15 — Creative Pink Nail Art Designs:

#16 — Creative Purple Nails By Sweatyhomy:

#17 — Cute Dotted Pink:

#18 — Halloween Skull:

#19 — Hello Kitty Women Nails By Sweaty Homy:

#20 — Leopard And Bug Style Nail Designs:

#21 — Nail Art Idea By Glamorous Magazine:

#22 — Ohh She Is Hot:

#23 — Orly Japanese Nail Art:

#24 — Pacman Geeks:

#25 — Pink Flower Design On Short Nails By Angela Arysbella:

#26 — Shiny Sequins Decoration By Sweatyhomy:

#27 — Snow Man Design:

#28 — Two Color Creative Nail Art Designs:

#29 — Unique Golden:

#30 — Yellow And Black Nail With Sunflower:

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