Victoria beckham hairstyle

The hairstyle of Mrs. Beckham has been stealing the spotlight for such a long time that it is earned its own name, the “Poshbob” or simply “Pob”, rather than the usual Bob. Among other celebrity hairstyles, this one particular hairstyle is really popular with many teenager and mature women as the hairstyle offers chic, elegant and fresh look at the same time. The look of Victoria Beckham’s bob is simple yet elegant and very fashionable among many other celebrities. It has short haircut in the back while the front hair hits the chin to give more dramatic effect.

How to get the PoshBob Look

To get the perfect Poshbob it is recommended for you to get the professional to get it done for you. However if you insist to try it yourself at home, here we will provide you some simple steps to get the look:

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