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Video Game Nail Art

Photo: Via The Daily Nail

We’re feelin’ a wee bit nerdy in the office today (see: the Stars Wars x Comme des Garcons collab from earlier), so we thought we’d dedicate our weekly Manicure Monday post to something that rarely gets brought up in the fash world: video games. We admittingly enjoy gamin’ it up every now and then (don’t judge!), but our FAVE nail designs are a throwback to some of the best memories from our childhood. I mean, when we spotted The Daily Nail’s ode to the original NES controller (above), we basically freaked out. Using matte nail polish mixed with glossy colors in just the right places was a genius way to make a fashion homage to an old console. But this is just the beginning! Check out even more killer video game nail designs after the jump.


Video Game Nail Art

Photo: Via Rubia Olivo

OK, duh, we HAD to do Super Mario Bros. nail art. The Super Mushroom and gold coins are as iconic as Mario himself, so we love that Rubia Olivo decided to take some of less obvious aspects of the game and incorporate it into nail designs. Personally, we would’ve preferred the 8-bit version of the characters because that’s closer to what we remember, but we can’t get too mad at that on-point artistry. Um, PUH-LEASE tell me you noticed all the shading and glitter accents. Oh, you did? Perfect.


Video Game Nail Art

Photo: Via Chibi Nails


Before Pokemon took over the world (seriously—there’s even a Pokemon jet if you didn’t already know), it started out as a colorful video game in the mid ’90s. Today, we’re loving how nail artists are taking the character’s faces and applying them to their tips! Chibi Nails took Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, a Poke Ball and Squirtle and painted them on her nails in the most AWESOME way possible. Also, did we seriously just name all the Pokemon characters she painted on her fingers? Are we still on a fashion blog? WHERE AM I?! HALP.


Video Game Nail Art

Photo: Via Silly Nails

WHEWWWW. Shiz is about to get nerdy, y’all. The Legend of Zelda was our JAM, and we want to give Link love (heh) wherever we can. We love this nail art homage to his signature green duds and Princess Zelda’s long blonde locks. The pros over at Silly Nails even gave a step by step tutorial on how to recreate this look, and for that, we are INCREDIBLY THANKFUL. *bows down*


Video Game Nail Art

Photo: Via The Nailasaurus

Oh, you thought this was only about old video games? Think again! The Nailasaurus did some KILLER outlined tips that match up perfectly with the Guitar Hero game controller, but it also just looks straight-up awesome on its own. Game on!

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