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How to make a Basic Reverse Side Roll using pin curls


Reverse side rolls are commonly found in updo vintage hairstyles. They keep front side section away from the face.


Pin curls are all about making curls from block sections of hair.

In the last blog post on 1940s forward hair bangs, we saw pin curls are placed directly at the centre of the square block section. Which is simple enough.

However, pin curls are not always placed at the centre of the block. For example in the cases of overlapping curls, and other more complex, irregular pin curl patterns. That”s why it”s important to follow the exact direction and numbered steps of the pin curl pattern. This keeps track of what you”re doing, and avoids mess and prevents completed curls getting in the way. Most of all, help you gain that neat and sculptured hairdo!

Pin curl patterns will get more and more complex it”s important to get the basics right. Once you understand and mastered the basics there is no limit to the amount of hair styles you can create!




Let”s have a go at this Reverse Side Roll pattern.

Notice the pin curls here are not pinned in the middle of the block. The curls closer to face overlaps slightly, on top of the curl further away from face. That”s why it”s easier to work on the outside first.


You start off with a Crown to Ear side part.


Section off the top row.


Work from block 1 – 3.


Continue with second row.


Keep going until it”s all finished.



When you comb it out, you get a lovely side roll that look like this. Then simply pin to secure.


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