What is in nail polish remover

Nail polish remover is a natural solvent which is used to eliminate formerly applied nail polish from nails. Different types of removers are available in the market from various national and international brands. The main ingredients in the removers are acetone, ethyl acetone or butyl acetone and alcohol.

The chemical used in this remover is known to scorch the skin, cause irritation to eyes and make nails brittle and dry. They are highly flammable and have distinct chemical smell. Many removers contain conditioning ingredients to counter the dehydration and brittleness effect. The ingredients used in these removers are castor oil, cetyl palmitate or lanolin.

Some removers come acetone-free, but this does not mean that the product doesn’t have any side effects, so shoppers must screen the ingredients carefully. If your remover is not containing acetone, then be careful that your acetone might contain toxic methanol. Consumers who are looking for safe and less-toxic removers then they can opt for water-based products.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is available in the form of saturated pads, in foam and remover containers and in liquid form. The saturated pads are pressed directly on the nails to remove the polish. A remover container and foam has a hole on the top of it through which fingers are pushed into the foam inside to remove the polish.

In liquid removers, the remover is taken on a cotton ball or tissue and cleaned over the nail to strip away the fingernail polish on it. It depends on the type of polish applied on the nails and the type of remover you use. If you have applied dark or thick polish then you need to use several applications for your nails.

What is Nail Polish Remover

To know how the nail polish remover works then it is necessary for you to know that fingernail polish and the remover both contain same organic solvents. Nail polish contains drying agents, thickeners, coloring agents and hardening agents. In a nail polish organic solvent is used to keep it in a liquid state. When this remover is applied to nail polish the molecule in it interrupts, loosen and then breaks the polymer chains of the nail polish. This dissolves the polish and transforms back in its original liquid form so that it can be then cleaned off from the nail.

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