Zebra print nail designs

Zebra nails are among the most popular of animal styled finger nails. There are lots of different colors and styles of stripes that you can use for the zebra nail design, but the classic is black and white stripes. Check out some of the cool zebra nails below, plus a video tutorial on how to do the zebra nail design. This first one is incredible because there is actually a zebra face on one of the nails. If you look at the ring finger, you can see the eyes and ears of a zebra. This is so cute and I love it! The other nails look amazing as well and the pattern was really well done on these. The black and white go really well together and they look stunning all together. Definitely the best zebra nails that I have ever seen.

Here are some really cool pink zebra nails. These are unique because they use a different color than black and white, but still have the same zebra designs on them. The zebra pattern is also just on the nail tips, which is pretty cool too.

Another one of my favorites is this colorful one. These ones are really nice and shiny, they look really professional. I also really like the colors that she picked for each nail. All together, they are really colorful and the zebra design is excellent. It looks like she mixed it some cheetah or leopard print in there as well which is kind of weird, but they still look amazing none the less. The colored nails like these and also the pink tip ones are really cool, but I think I like the normal black and white just a little more because they are more classic and closely match what a zebra actually looks like.

Also check out this video tutorial on how to do zebra nails. You can read the steps below, but should also check out the video to see exactly how to do the zebra stripe pattern on your finger nails.

  1. First, start out with a white base coat. Make sure you apply a thick coat, or multiple coats so that your nails are completely white.
  2. Use a fine tip brush and black nail polish to create the zebra stripes. This is the tricky part. You will want to watch the video to see exactly how she does it. It is also helpful to have a picture of a zebra print to go off of. I would recommend getting a good zebra print image and then just copying it as close as you can when doing the stripes on your nail.
  3. Apply a clear top coat to protect the design and to make your nails shine and stand out!

Thanks for checking out these awesome zebra nails on our site! If you like them, feel free to share them with your friends online! Thanks for reading! Also, let us know if you decide to try this design out for yourself, let us know how it goes, and if you can post some pictures online or send them into us. We enjoy hearing from our readers and checking out all the cool nail designs that they are doing.

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